Welcome to the Winter/Spring 2019 edition of the Kitsilano Community Centre Recreation Guide!

By combining these two sessions into one guide, you will know how your programs are scheduled until summer.
We hope this will allow you to plan your activities more effectively.

Our volunteer Board of Directors works with our committed Vancouver Park Board team to bring recreation to Kitsilano. As an example, I would like to make you aware of the excellent work being done by Paula Parman, our Recreation Programmer 1 (acting), who has used her time in this position to create exciting new opportunities in Youth programming at Kits.

Here is how Paula describes her ongoing achievements in the Youth portfolio:

Youth programming at Kits has taken off this Fall! Our new youth council has steadily grown in size every week and currently sits at 18 members primarily consisting of students from Kitsilano High School in grades 10 and 11. This term, our youth council has taken the lead on fun activities such as Halloween Howl and Breakfast with Santa. Our goal is to have the council program in other areas in the Centre. Through funding provided by the BCRPA and the Government of BC, we have been able to put together after school programs for youth aged 9-13. Most notably, our Pre-Teen leadership course has been a hit with 12 participants.

Looking at development in our Adult programs, we are introducing 2 streams of Adult Sports programming: the ‘recreational’ designated programs are fun, welcoming, opportunities for players of all levels (including beginners), while ‘competitive’ programs are fast-paced sessions where players are expected to bring experience, and should look forward to being challenged. Our competitive programs will have a Kits CCA facilitator in attendance to answer any questions and ensure play is fluid and fair. See page 40 for the full schedule.

When you registered for your Fall programs, you were asked if you wanted to take out a free membership in the Kitsilano Community Centre Association, which gives you the opportunity to participate in the governance of the Association by serving on one or more of our many committees, and attend our Annual Meeting in April as a voting member. We are thrilled that nearly 300 of you chose to join the Association as members. I want to take a moment to thank you for this support, and clarify that you will retain this membership through to August 31 2019, ensuring your eligibility to vote at our April 2019 Annual General Meeting.

Are there programs you would love to see at Kits? How can we support our community more?
Feel free to reach out to

Jerry Fast
Kitsilano Community Centre Association

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