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Kitsilano Community Centre Association

Kitsilano Community Centre Association

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Our goal is always to have a full complement of Directors consisting of Kitsilano residents who represent the broad diversity of our community to ensure we are serving the needs of all residents.  One important element in our strategic goal is to bolster organizational health; we encourage our patrons to think about the many opportunities available for meaningful participation and leadership at KCC.  Become a member of the KCCA or consider joining our Board – You can be a part of program planning and governance of the Association.

We encourage and welcome your participation!  If you would like to participate please email or alternatively call 604-257-8607 for more information.

The KCCA Annual Report provides an overview of the current Board of Directors, the activities and special events programmed at the Centre and current strategic projects the Centre will spearhead into the coming year.

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Committees  – Terms of Reference


Current projects :

The Kitsilano War Memorial Community Centre Association operates the Kitsilano War Memorial Community Centre in partnership with the Vancouver Park Board. The Association is responsible for the selection, delivery, and review of the various programs and services offered. Revenue from these programs and services flows to the Association and any retained earnings are to be utilized for the ongoing improvement of the facilities.

The KCCA Board of Directors have determined the following capital projects to be funded through retained earnings.

Needs Assessment – The Community Needs Assessment Committee aims to identify, using an equity lens, new and continuing community needs with respect to programs, services, activities, and policies so as to further the goals of the Association and best serve the Kitsilano community. 

Website Redevelopment – The Kitsilano Community Centre website has received significant improvement in 2021. The improvements focused on improving the user experience and highlighting the programs and events offered at Kitsilano Community Centre.  

Snowy’s Lounge – Major renovations to Snowy’s Lounge are underway and to be completed Spring 2022. The improvements include air conditioning, new dividers, windows and soundboards which will enhance the space for programs and community rentals.  

A/V Project – Increase the functionality of the various spaces within the Kitsilano Community Centre through the addition of audio and video equipment. Many of our spaces now feature streamlined access to overhead projectors and audio input.  

Lobby Furniture – The community of users would benefit from Kitsilano Community Centre infrastructure upgrades and repairs to make it more functional, welcoming, and a “hub” of active living. 

Contingency Fund – Recent events have placed importance on retaining a contingency fund, should the Kitsilano Community Centre encounter future challenges. 

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