Welcome to the Summer at Kitsilano Community Centre

The Kitsilano Community Centre Association (KCCA) held its Annual Meeting on April 18th. For a copy of the full 2018 Annual Report please visit our website at kitscc.com or by request at The Annual Report provides a helpful overview of the current Board of Directors, the activities and special events programmed at the Centre and current strategic projects the Centre will spearhead into the coming year.

Current projects leading into the 2019 summer:

• Waterpark – Considerable progress has been made on the design of our new water park which the Association  is cost sharing with the Park Board. Construction is scheduled to take place in the fall of 2019 and completion  is scheduled for May 2020. This will be a great addition to our facilities, especially for young families.

• VanSplash/VanPlay – Park Board has developed two very major, comprehensive 25 year strategies for the  future of aquatic and recreational infrastructure and services in Vancouver, known respectively as VanSplash  and VanPlay. The Park Board Commissioners have recognized the absence of meaningful community
consultation and engagement, and took steps to establish a Citizens Advisory Panel to review the recommendations in the VanSplash Report. Our Board has taken the position that, regardless of the Panel’s recommendations, there must be robust, meaningful consultation with the Kits community before any decisions
are taken to reconfigure the community centre.

• Whirlpool – Concern surrounding the future of the whirlpool: Park Board staff completed a review of the future  status of the whirlpools at Kits, Marpole and Dunbar, and recommended to Commissioners the permanent closure of the facilities. Commissioners held consultations at Kits and Dunbar to hear from patrons who
expressed strong opposition to the closures. In the end, the decision was taken to reopen the whirlpool at our Community Centre. The required design work is underway and we expect to have the facility operational sometime in 2019.

• Access to facilities at Kitsilano Secondary School – The Centre is in need of more programming space which is available at KSS during non-school hours. The issue of community centre access to school facilities has been taken up at senior management levels of both the Park Board and the School Board, as we now know that many community centres need access to more programmable space. We will be working closely with the other centres throughout the year to resolve this matter.

Our goal is always to have a full complement of Directors consisting of Kitsilano residents who represent the broad diversity of our community to ensure we are serving the needs of all residents. One important element in our strategic goal to bolster organizational health; we encourage our patrons to think about the many opportunities available for meaningful participation and leadership at KCC. Become a member of the KCCA or consider joining our Board. You can be a part of program planning and governance of the Association.

We encourage and welcome your participation!

Jerry Fast
Kitsilano Community Association

Kitsilano Community Centre