Membership has its privileges!

If you have taken part in any registered activity or event at Kitsilano Community Centre up until now, you have automatically held a membership to the Kitsilano Community Centre Association.

Beginning with this Fall’s registration (August 13 – save the date!), in accordance with the new Joint Operating Agreement between the Association and the Vancouver Park Board, your program and event registration will include the choice to ‘opt in’ or ‘opt out’ of membership. Some benefits of membership include:

• The right to vote at the Annual General Meeting of the Association where the Directors are elected and the annual business of the Association is conducted.

• The right to serve as an elected Director of the Association on the Board of Directors where the policies of the Association are set.

• The right to serve on the Committees of the Board (ie: program, building, finance, fitness, marketing).

• The choice to stay informed of new programs, news, events and opportunities at Kits through a regular newsletter.

There is no membership fee.

Membership is free; however it is a choice. As you see on the cover of this guide, our Community Centre is Jointly operated by the Board of Parks and Recreation & the Kitsilano Community Centre Association. This is your Community Centre, and we welcome your voice and participation. If you would like additional information about the benefits of Association membership, please contact me at .

It’s an exciting time at Kits! We have two facility building projects underway: Snowy’s Lounge (the reception room above the ice rink) will be upgraded to make it more comfortable and attractive for current and future programs. We will be addressing sound quality and noise transfer from the ice rink, lighting, and temperature regulation. The Kitsilano Community Centre Association is committed to funding these improvements from our retained earnings, and we are working closely with a consultant, a City project architect, and contractors to complete this work over the coming year.

The second major project is the redevelopment of our outdoor spray park. Your Association has entered into a cost sharing agreement with the Vancouver Park Board to remove the existing facility and replace it with a brand new spray park. A design consultant is working with Park Board staff and the Association to finalize plans, aiming to tender the project for construction beginning Spring of 2019. The plan is to have the new park operational in the Summer of 2019.

Finally, I would like to remind you that the Kits Community Centre Association is a non-profit society with a $1,000,000+ budget run by volunteers on various Committees and the Board of Directors. The KCCA has many responsibilities under the new, recently signed Joint Operating Agreement (JOA) with the Park Board, but our core responsibility is to represent and advocate for the interests of the residents of Kitsilano in the planning of programs at the Centre, working closely with our excellent Park Board programmers and support staff. We encourage you to get involved with the work of the Association by getting in touch with our Community Engagement Coordinator, Jennifer Taylor, at .

Welcome to Fall –

Jerry Fast
Kitsilano Community Centre Association


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