From left to right: Donnie Rosa (Director of Recreation, Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation), Jerry Fast (President, Kitsilano Community Centre Association), Arlene Brown (Treasurer, Kitsilano Community Centre Association)

Welcome to the Kitsilano Community Centre Association’s Winter 2018 Recreation Guide. I hope you find this Guide helpful in understanding the wide range of programs and activities we host at Kitsilano Community Centre.

I am pleased to report that your Association Board of Directors voted at its October meeting to sign the negotiated Joint Operating Agreement (JOA) with the Vancouver Park Board; as I have mentioned in previous issues of the Guide, the present round of discussions to settle a new Agreement between our Association and the Park Board have been going on since April 2016.

The JOA is a detailed, 50 plus page document, that spells out the rights and responsibilities of the two parties to the Agreement – the Park Board and the Kitsilano Community Centre Association. It deals with many topics, such as the legal relationship between the parties, Association governance and membership, programming, renovations and maintenance, finance, ownership of assets, information and business systems, and so on. A document not for the faint of heart!

This is the first revision of the Agreement since the first one was signed in 1979! The Agreement is in place for a 10 year term effective January 2018, with provision for a 5 year renewal term. View the Full JOA Agreement here.

Vancouver has a unique community centre model with community volunteers, through their Associations, fully participating jointly with Park Board staff in the operation of the community centres. The JOA says the Association is responsible for, among other things:

  • developing, delivering, and staffing Programming and other Association services offered in or from the jointly operated facilities (excludes the rink and fitness centre);
  •  the staffing and directing of Association personnel and volunteers;
  • fundraising, recruiting and recognizing volunteers, and advocating for the needs of its community, including with respect to services and facilities;
  • engaging with the community and promoting recreation, cultural, social and educational involvement within the community.

You can see that we, the residents of Kitsilano, have a major role to play as volunteers through our Association in the development and design of programming and activities at this Centre. We welcome your active involvement on any one of our many Committees and on our Board of Directors, Please contact me at any time, care of , with your comments, questions and ideas for your Community Centre.

Welcome to Winter!

Jerry Fast
Kitsilano Community Centre Association

Kitsilano Community Centre