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Did you know of the volunteer non-profit Kitsilano Community Centre Association (KCCA) of which jointly operates the Centre?
Are you aware of Kitsilano Community Centre Association's (KCCA) role at the Centre?

What times do you usually visit the Centre? (please select as many that apply)

Overall comfort and cleanliness of the Centre

Sufficient signage for wayfinding and information

Ease of accessibility (clear pathways, automated doors, sufficient room for those with mobility aids)

Sufficient areas for quiet space and appropriate noise level

Comfortable temperature in the common areas or areas where you are using

Cleanliness of the restrooms

Quality of staff assistance

Quality of Programs offered

Quantity or diversity/sufficient variety of Programs offered

Overall rating of the Fitness Centre

Have you rented space at the Centre for a private function?

Do you feel the Centre provides appropriate services and events to engage the community?

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