Outdoor: Summer Smash Tennis: Adult Intermediate (2.5-3.0)

Summer Smash Tennis
April 30, 2024
May 21, 2024
08:30 AM
09:45 AM
Off Site - Kits Beach Tennis Court 1 at *Kitsilano Community Centre
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Improve consistency of groundstrokes, volleys, and serve. An opportunity for players with experience (2.5-3.0 NTRP rating) to refine technique while improving reception of wide, high, low, deep, and short balls. Through game-based learning, students will improve their ability to play within cooperative and competitive settings.Student Background. Can consistently rally 10 in a row from baseline with forehand and backhand controlling direction. In the process of refining technique for groundstrokes and volleys. In the process of developing correct movement and positioning. In the process of developing consistent full motion serveDevelopment Focus. Refine groundstroke technique. Improve groundstroke consistency. Improve groundstroke shot selection in singles and doubles context. Learn or improve transition to net. Learn or improve basic

Summer Smash Tennis