Outdoor: Summer Smash Tennis: Adult Beginner+ (1.5)

Summer Smash Tennis
May 31, 2024
June 21, 2024
04:15 PM
05:30 PM
Off Site - McBride Park Tennis Court 1 at *Kitsilano Community Centre
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Continue developing fundamental skills in a small group setting. This course builds on technique and strategy from Adult Beginner in order to become more confident rallying and playing with serve within the full court setting.Student BackgroundHas taken Adult Beginner or;Continuing to:. Develop or refine technique for groundstrokes. Develop consistency rallying in the ¾ court to full court settings. Develop technique for serveDevelopment Focus. Continue to develop or refine groundstroke technique. Gain / improve ability to rally with limited use of or no self-rallies. Become familiar with shot-cycle. Develop technical foundation for serve. Initial exposure to volleying

Summer Smash Tennis